Honoring our Veterans: Epik Workwear highlights and supports our nation's heroes with Camo Valor Freezer Jackets, Veterans Day 2023


As we approach Veterans Day 2023, it's essential to take a moment to reflect on the immense sacrifices made by our nation's brave veterans. At Epik Workwear, we believe in showing our deep gratitude to these heroes who have dedicated their lives to serving our country. This year, we want to take time on this special day to remember and give to our veterans with our camo Valor and Valor Pro Freezer Jackets.

Veterans Day is a time to honor and pay tribute to the men and women who have selflessly defended our freedom. These courageous individuals have faced adversity and challenges that most can't imagine. They've worked tirelessly in various military sectors, and many transition into civilian life with skills and values that can benefit our modern industry.


With Veteran support being vital to us at Epik, we wanted to make a positive impact while doing what we do best: Make quality workwear designed for your task. As we brainstormed with clients on highlighting our Vets, we devised a variation of our Reflex/Reflex Pro Jackets—the result: our best freezer jacket crafted with a fresh camo look. Our product team re-designed our durable Ripstop with a Camo texture, creating a neat mil-spec look on our best-selling jacket. We added an American flag patch on the arm to enhance it further for additional styling.

Spec-wise, Epik Workwear's Valor Jackets are designed with mobile cold storage workers, offering them warmth, comfort, and durability while working in temperatures as low as - 34°F. Our Valor Pro Freezer Jacket is a game-changer for intense cold storage workers who endure brutal freezing temperatures as low as -50°F. Its high-performance insulation and water-resistant materials make it a reliable companion for those battling the cold daily.

But there's more to these jackets than just styling and function. We're proud to say that with each Valor Jacket purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes towards supporting veterans. Epik Workwear gives to the Wounded Warriors project by selling every Valor and Valor Pro Jacket. These coats are forged to honor and give back to our Veterans!



In conclusion, Veterans Day is a reminder of the sacrifices and contributions made by our veterans. It's a day to express our gratitude and show our support. Epik Workwear's Valor and Valor Pro Jackets are more than just workwear; they symbolize our respect and appreciation for our nation's heroes. So, this is for our Veterans: Epik honors your sacrifice. Stay warm and safe, and keep our veterans with Epik Workwear's Valor Jackets.